Hi and welcome to our homepage! I dunno, how and why did you get here, because this page is almost purely in russian, sorry, guys. But anyway, if you come here you may wonder who we Alaev Brothers are. So...

My name is Andrew, and I've been a moscovite for all of my 21 years. I'm studying law, but don't seem to very interested in it. I like music, mostly classic and hard rock, and some of the metal. My favorite bands are all in music section - Dire Straits, Deep Purple, Queen, Uriah Heep and many others. I am a usual participiant of the Battle of the Bands.

Also I like to read a lot. For a long time I've been a huge SF fan - Strugatskie brothers, Stanislav Lem, Simak, Bradbury and Sheckly are my favorites. Later I switched to XX century classics - Faulkner, Remarque, Hemingway. Among russian writers I like Tolstoy most of all.

Also I like TV - my favorite series are Highlander, E.R., Alf and Babylon 5 - I'm a member of russian B5 fan-club. I play a lot - mostly offline games: strategy, wargame, RPG and IF. But one day my friend Eric dragged me to Aardwolf MUD - nice thing, I'd say!

Playing via Internet is cool, but I prefer netsurfing and sometimes chatting - you won't like this chat, PoCHATock, I think, 'cause it's russian only, but who knows?

I don't like sport in general, but I am a huge Formula 1 fan. Nowdays, the spirit of real competition is gone, and since my idol, Ayrton Senna The Great crashed in 1994 there's been no really gifted drivers. Only newbies - booo :( ! But some of them show growing potential. This year is very happy for me, because my favorite team McLaren is going to blow all the competitors away. At last, after 5 years of deep crisis!

I think, that the most useful section for you may be the LINKS page. There you'll find lots of links to english resourses on the net.

So, my younger brother may add something here someday about himself, but that won't be in near future...

Three mothns later...

Hey you! Don't watch that, watch this! :)
Here I am, younger brother... "little brodda" :)
Hmm... A few words about me. My name is Nick, and I've been living in Moscow with my brother for long 17 years of my life. This year I entered High School Of Economics, the economic faculty. Economics is great science, I'd say, but difficult. It can interest you better than a good detective story!

Then, my TV prefers is the same with my brother. Music - in general, I like same groups Andrew do, but my favourite Group is Queen.
That's all for now. Maybe some brillant ideas will come to me later. C u !